BLOG: Eu sou catador/a - I'm a garbage collector (Jun 04)

Ann-Kathrin writes:

Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! is really proud that there are a lot of Brazilian celebrities on board. Their pictures wearing t-shirts saying "Eu sou catador/a" - "I am a garbage collector" are being published in many of our partner magazines and the local newspapers along two other advertisements. 

One is at the beach in Rio de Janeiro, the other one is in the city of São Paulo.

On the video side of things, we have the one showing trash in the metro of Rio I showed you yesterday - it is being broadcasted on TV and online. Additionally there are three videos in which famous Brazilian people are stating their support to Limpa Brasil! Let's do it!. 

Wellington Nogueira, an actor who founded the NGO "Doutores da Alegria" which help to bring some happiness to traumatized, hospitalized children.

Ferréz, an important writer who used to live in the favelas of Sao Paulo and published a lot of street and community literature.

Oskar Metsavaht, a Brazilian citizen who is internationally recognized for his work on sustainability.

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, students from Estacio de Sá studying film produced a video to warn society about the amount of waste we produce and show their support for Limpa Brasil! It is nice work and we are excited about their passionate support. 

The meeting with the government went really well last night and this morning a lot of cameramen and reporters wanted to shoot material for the news. One of it is already online.

3rd of June, 2011

Dear happy people,

Update Number 3:
There are just 3 days left until LIMPA BRASIL! Let's do it! RIO!

The office and the hard working Limpa Brasil! team last night

Yesterday we organized three meetings in this huge warehouse, each consisting of about 30-40 volunteers. They are going to be the responsible coordinators at the 20 Eco-Points that are everywhere in the city organizing the logistics, the greeting of the volunteers and the waste separation. Tião's people from the trashpicking initiative helped to motivate them and emphasized the importance of their work. "The amount of trash worldwide can fit into 10 Pão de açúcars!"
We also sent people to the streets and to 30+ branches of Banco do Brasil to distribute the green bags, they are still at it right now. It feels like we are really starting something big.

The cariocas (that's how Brazilians call the people from Rio) or let's say the ones listening to the radio while waiting in traffic on the streets, hanging out in bars, cooking in their kitchens or even better: while producing waste are enjoying funky rap tunes that tell them everything about how they can be part of the change on Sunday.