BLOG: Limpa Brasil: World is too small for so much trash! (Jun 01)

Hello everybody,

the next few days, weeks, months I am going to give you updates on the Limpa Brasil! Let's do it! Campaign here in beautiful Brazil.

My name is Ann-Kathrin and I am a trainee from Germany working at Atitude Brasil with Marta, Augusto, Vani and Thiago.

I have been following your E-mails, newsletters and  updates regularly over the past four weeks since I started to work here in São Paulo and I am looking forward to work more actively with you, even if it is just writing E-Mails :) Last weekend at the IV International Forum for Communication and Sustainability I got the chance to talk to Rainer and if possible I might be able to support a German team to join the Let's do it! World movement in 2012. 

As for the first update and the first story to share, here we go:

Most of the team is already in Rio de Janeiro, yesterday 60 000 green eco-bags and 300 huge white bags arrived and as of right now we are taking them to the spots where they are supposed to be distributed to the volunteers (bank branches etc.). As you might know about one third of the population of the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro (about 3 million people) lives in favelas. We have local people there who are promoting Limpa Brasil! in those communities and we are also contacting churches, schools, universities etc. There are cars driving around in the city reporting about the upcoming weekend and the local media (TV, Radio) is sharing the news. There is a video on the Internet called "O Mundo Ficou Pequeno Demais para Tanto Lixo” (The world is too small for so much trash!) and we hope to get as many volunteers as possible the last few days. The clean-up is approaching at an incredible rate and everybody is eager, excited, happy, anxious, full of expectations and mixed feelings.

Last week the movement was presented to President Dilma who immediately joined in. Her support of Limpa Brasil! Let's do it! is a great victory for all Brazil. It shows that the government is interested in encouraging the necessary changes that need to occur in the structure and customs of this society.

That's about it for right now, I believe. Thank you for the wonderful stories and thoughts you are sharing. I hope this gives you a first view on how things are evolving here in Brazil! I hope to get some pictures soon.

All the best,

Ann-Kathrin Pankow - Limpa Brasil Team

"Eu sou catador" - "I'm a garbage collector"
Dilma Rousseff (center), President of Brazil, immediately joined Limpa Brasil! Let's do it! at a meeting with Prof. Muhammad Yunus (left), founder of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Marta Rocha (right), executive director of Atitude Brasil.