BLOG: The best story ever told (Jun 01)

Dear friends,

have you been inspired lately by reading an article or watching a video about an amazing project, event, or even a very simple activity done by people around the world? I know you need to charge your batteries by listening to other people's stories, but believe me, you'll be even more charged by telling your stories to other people.

The world needs to hear about your activities, too, we need to hear each other's stories, we know they are very inspiring. Being silent worker and looking at other silent workers only makes you detached from the world and ultimately miserable. It doesn't take much time to write just 2-3 paragraphs of text, describing what you did in the last week or month and your feelings in regards to what you're doing. Just write to all of us as you would write to a good friend ... that shouldn't be too hard, we are good friends, aren't we? :-) You can also write about your doubts, challenges, troubles. We'll all feel so much better if we know how we feel and how we're doing, even if we're not that great at the moment.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with various things right now and I feel a lack of community spirit. I feel detached like a missionary in a foreign land -- alone. I've been to Estonia, Romania, Moldova, Congo, I might be travelling to other countries and I'll be writing regular reports whenever something meaningful takes place -- even if noone else does it. I honestly miss short reports in English from all the teams: Romania, Portugal, Moldova, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, India ... but also from individual members of the team in Estonia and the new emerging teams in the Balkans and elsewhere. Please share your stories, we need them more than anything to spread the cleanup movement globally! Our common story will be the best story ever told, because it is the story about everyone on this planet written by all of us, together.

So, I said what I had to say in three paragraphs. It took me 10 minutes to write it. Please, do it yourself as well, just write ... You're truly great!

In community,

Nara Petrovic

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