Let's do it! initiative was born in a tiny country of Estonia, situated in northern Europe at the autumn of 2007. The idea was born in a conversation between few friends who realized that the roots of the massive illegal dumping habit lie in the lack of responsibility on every level. Things needed to get turned around for the better.

There and then the 'one day, one country' concept was born. Instead of dividing the efforts over an extended period of time, it was time to act now and act together! Co-operation throughout the whole society - involving the state, NGO-s, private enterprises and vast number of active citizens, united the nation and on 3rd of May 2008 more than 50 000 people and hundreds of organizations together cleaned more than 10 000 tons of illegal garbage from the territory of Estonia.

From there, neighboring countries Latvia and Lithuania decided to join in and since then, more and more brave and inspired people from different countries have decided to make it happen for themselves and their people.