Why are we doing this?

It's really not only about removing trash from the forests, where it has been piled up for years, around the globe. It's just the first stage of clean-up. What's more important is the hope we give to people that once we are united into that kind of action the vibe would spread and the hope will arise. The hope, that we can clean up the oceans, too. The hope, that the governments and industries will follow and that the green transformation of our economy will take place.

Perhaps, in the process of uniting our efforts, we'll discover that cleaning up around us will strengthen the human inside us and will cleanse us from inside, too. 

There are people who go at length to talk about the above a lot. We haven't really talked much. We just did it. We have the model which works, which is simple and does not cost much. It has a great educational value and creates bonds between people. I'd be willing to give it a try the world around.

                                                                    Rainer Nõlvak, the initiator of Let's do it! in Estonia