How do you create the change?

To make change you need emotions. Strong emotions. Love and hate can create the change.
You know, love and hate are not opposites. The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. 
It is indifference which allows people to trash the forests. It is indifference what allows us to destroy our planet. Those people who do that don’t hate the planet. They just... don’t care.
Hate creates fear. Fear kills compassion. Having no compassion makes you indifferent.

Luckily, love can extinguish indifference. So it makes sense to stick with love if you want to create the change. Yes, you can have "army" and "fight" with "enemy". Best what can happen is that you win! Then, somebody has to loose. That means these potential "losers" will have fear inside them which makes them indifferent. We can not allow that if we want to make change.

This is such a huge change in thinking for so many people that we should not make it more difficult. We need to be harmless. So my advice for you would be to stick to love. I know it is difficult. Everybody has these fights inside as well. But it is the way things work. Once you have peace inside you it is much easier to know right from wrong.

                                                                     Rainer Nõlvak, the initiator of Let's do it! in Estonia