World Cleanup 2012

A new civic movement is starting to spread across the world, with no less ambitions than to clean up the whole world of illegal garbage, engage at least hundred countries and hundreds of millions of people to join the action – World Cleanup 2012!

Our dream is to inspire people from all parts of the world to join in World Cleanup 2012. Starting from 24th of March 2012 the wave of one-day countrywide cleanups will sweep over the world, resulting in millions of tons of gathered waste, clean nature and renewed and deeper connections between people, communities and nature. 

Regional gatherings in 2011

To spark up new initiatives, a series of regional gatherings will be organized all over the world in 2011. The focus is to share the existing experience and encourage new teams to start the action. For 1-2 days we will invite together people and organizations from the region who are interested in organizing a cleanup in their country. The existing cleanup experience will be shared through videos, talks and workshops at the spot so that the new teams can form and start creating their plans right away.