How does the mapping process take place?

One has to move around on roads systematically and stop when he/she notices a trash spot to determine the coordinates of the specific location. While mapping garbage it would be reasonable to go through all roads of certain territorial unit systematically. For mapping all transportation vehicles and even moving on foot are suitable. 

Probably the most comfortable way of doing it is with two people and a car – while one of the team-members is driving the other one can very well be the map-reader. And both can look at the road-sides to see if there's any trash there.

Adding photos to the garbage map is advisable but not obligatory. The photo can describe very special dumping sites or just give an overview of their size and content.

In the end of the day/period the mapper subjectively determines the percentage of the specific territory which got mapped during this day and lets the team know about it to make conclusive calculations.

It is very important to be careful with privately owned land and articles, because what might seem like trash to some eyes might not be that in the eyes of the owner to whom it might be a thing of historical or even practical value. For example tractors, metal agricultural machines, heaps of building materials etc.