Engaging county officials

The crucial part of the project is to achieve a good co-operation with local county officials. Try to engage 1-2 local leaders/senior officials from each local government unit. At the beginning it might be very hard to explain the idea of this project to them, because it is grass-root level but also at the same time very ambitious. But try to show the benefits of co-operation to convince them. Local governments are often responsible for the actual littering problem and waste management in the area. So they can help in organizing the waste management part of the action and provide the necessary infrastructure. 

Local county officials who are dealing with the waste issue can be very valuable source of information starting from mapping the garbage, to planning the clean-up day logistics and the best ways to co-ordinate the volunteer action in the area. 

For the county officials this action actually provides a possibility to strengthen their ties with the local community, and also engage the local people more closely in maintaining the harmony and cleanness in the area for long term.