How to start building a team?

Team-building is one of the first priorities. Go for the best possible professionals! Their minds are free! And they know people to grow the team.

What if you have no money to hire?

Is there’s anybody you know? Anyone knows you? Use your networks, use the networks of people you know. Word spread mouth-to-mouth. No advertisement needed! Figure out what kind of specialists you need, use your contacts for finding somebody working in the area, make an appointment and talk face to face. It works!
But you have to take into consideration that it takes more time to hire people, because you don’t pay them.
The best part of building a team of volunteers is that everybody does it because they want to do it. 
Trust the flow of life. If you have an idea, the people come to you in the right time. The right people. 

How do you know what the job is? Did you have the job description? 

First hire, then generate the task throughout the process. „Could you help us? How shall we do it?” And this is how people generate their own job description. 


Hire somebody for the future task, let them start working before the time for their particular task arrives. In no time they start enlargening the team. Definetly hire before the need! When there's already a direct need, then hiring becomes critical.

Who are the first ones to hire?

Hire first few key people who are professionals in their field and willing to take responsibility, then the team can continue to grow on the way. Important is to get the partnership and communication started, IT-guy, logistics. 

Everybody knows somebody. 

Successful team – DOERS NOT TALKERS! Do more and talk less.