Sharing responsibility in a team of volunteers

Working in team of volunteers is a bit different than working in a team of paid professionals. How? Everybody is here because they have chosen to do so, not because somebody is paying them. This means that you have a group of highly motivated people. The art is to keep the spirit high and achieve the goals - that can be achieved only through shared trust and responsibility.

Everybody takes personal responsibility, but with a small difference - it grows out from inside.
People do what they love, BUT also voluntary responsibility IS responsibility. Each member of the team will have a chance to take up tasks to contribute to the shared goals. Sometimes this means working long hours for days or even weeks, or talking to somebody when you actually would just rather do something else. Achieving a task like this is hard work. But it will also be a great chance to discover your own personal potential.

Working in the team of volunteers means constantly finding balance between taking and giving responsibility. Trusting yourself and trusting others while having fun. Appreciate and bring out all the skills and talents that each of you have, become that powerful and creative person who you are. And do your best to bring out the same in others.