What info to send before the clean-up?

Think through the messages very carefully to minimize possible misunderstanding. Use definite sentences, write short, clear and only essential information. Having good instructions is essential, without it the registration team of local organizers might be over-loaded with questions. 

Necessary is to specify at least:

  • The exact location of the initial meeting point (if this is used) and the meeting time;
  • Location of the clean-up area(s)
  • Necessary contacts (phone of local coordinator, emergency numbers etc);
  • What to wear, what to bring (gloves, shovels, garbage bags, food, water etc.);
  • Safety instructions

It is recommended to send the info at least a week prior the clean-up day, to make sure everybody has time and chance to get the information and clarify anything if necessary.

For example: 
In Estonia, we sent a computer-generated personal e-mail for all volunteer team-leaders with all information they needed: general information, teams gathering place, instructions for the cleaning day, all phone-numbers they will need etc. Also we sent them a link to their personalized map with their cleaning territory, the safety instructions and working manual. We asked the team leader in this e-mail to confirm their participation and also to confirm that they have learned about the safety instructions. To teams, that had not confirmed, we sent SMS in a couple of days with the link they have to go and confirm their participation.