Registering volunteers for the clean-up


Registration of volunteers for the clean-up day should start not later than one month before the clean-up day and will probably last till the very last days before the clean-up. Still even then it is likely that more people will come than registered. This is purely based on the existing experience so far.  

How many volunteers do we need?

Here you can have either manual or technical approach - you can either just estimate approximately the amount of people needed for a specific garbage point to be cleaned in one day (4/5/6 hours). This is best done by local coordinators who know the details about the amount and type of garbage.

Or you can use more technical approach and produce a program which calculates necessary number of volunteers. Based on the location and the quantity of the garbage in a particular area the number of volunteers were calculated per garbage pile and a region. It also gave input for deciding the posts for flagstations where volunteers met on the cleaning day.

What you need for the registering process? 

Registration process itself needs a good computer program and two types of human resource: some of them taking care of the system and some answering questions, because you get a lot of them. Specific person(s) should be assigned who can do it full-time. 

How to get volunteers? 

Wide media and social media campaign is most likely the best way of engaging large number of volunteers. To send an e-mail and wait for the answer is not the best way of getting them "on board", they all need personal approach. All big organisations and firms should be contacted personally, also all municipalities. You will probably find a central "umbrella" organization or a network in any field which unites one type of organizations (youth organizations, seniors organizations, trade unions). Co-operate, get in touch with them and make them your allies. It's good to involve people from specific fields and give them a task of lobbying in their field. 

Where/how can they register? 

Think, think, think through from the beginning till the very end!
Here you can also choose between different approaches - registering via internet, using fully automatic registration system. Or using local registration - people who don't use internet can register with local coordinators, or in cooperation with local libraries, post-offices or other key-points in local communities
Also think through which languages should be involved.

For example:
In Latvia people, willing to be the group leaders in cleaning particular area, register on website or through coordinator in municipality. Municipality coordinators register also directly through our website or through Latvian Society of Municipalities. By the end of March all the contact details of municipality coordinators are on our website together with the managers of particular garbage areas. 
If someone wants to organise a small cleanup, he/she has to inform activity coordinator, to know where the garbage bags are left. We communicate this message in April.