Who are involved in coordinating the volunteers action?

Managing the action on a local level - as the action will be carried out on the spot, you will need to have a network of local coordinators. It is easiest to have somebody from the local municipality to carry that task, but a volunteer can carry that role well also.

Local coordinators will help to plan and also manage the volunteer action in the region. They are the first persons who are contacted on the spot if something goes wrong. They are also the ones who overlook all the planning on a local level, to make sure all the details are thought through before the clean-up. 

Local coordinators can also take on the task of registering people who can't or are not willing to register via internet. 

Individual vs group registration

It is also easier to organize the work of volunteers if volunteers are registered in groups. A group leader can be a contact person before the clean-up day to receive specific instructions, map etc. 
Also the group leader could register others in his/her group who don't have access to internet. 

Group leader can be a teacher with a class of students, a person who is a head of colleagues, mother or father to register a family or just a leader from a group of friends.

Registering trucks, trailers

If needed in the logistics, participants' trucks and trailers which they intent to use for moving the garbage can also be registered. 

For example1:
In Latvia the system of coordinators was build up like this:

Region/ Town Coordinator (Municipality)- a person coordinating the Big Cleanup within his/her region/town and being in charge of the course of the Big Cleanup within the entire administrative territory; distributes plastic bags to responsible persons; in charge of waste collection and removal. 

Group leader - representative of a participants' group (local government, educational institution, organization, company), who organises a collective cleanup within a particular territory, agreed with the Council of the respective region/town and registered on the home page www.talkas.lv; distributes bags to the participants. 

Participant - inhabitant of Latvia or any other country, willing to participate in the environment cleanup campaign the Big Cleanup.  

For example2:
As for Estonia, only registration in teams of at least 3 people was allowed. There were several reasons for it: 40 000 people vs 5000 teams is a seriously smaller number to send information to; active people asked their friends and family to come with them, people were more organized on CD, being part of a team disciplined the people to actually come out on CD (even in bad weather), they cooperated to organize their transport; the organizers on the ground needed to contact only the team-leader, not the people individually, which would have been almost impossible. Every team needed to have a grown-up leader with a mobile phone (the data and phone number of team leader were verified by SMS).