Bulgaria will be cleaned up on April 21st next year (Aug 12)

The pilot cleaning in the capital Sofia on April 9th this year was embraced by more than 40 000 people. Now the team is already preparing a country-wide action - the day of the big cleanup will be April 21st in 2012.

Welcome to the family, Kosova! (Aug 12)

A new team has started a cleanup action in Kosova. Right now they are in the very beginning and Arian Krasniqi, who is responsible for Communication and PR, shares with us their progress.

Let’s Do It Foundation (Aug 12)

 We have created a legal body to support our efforts towards the clean planet and better cooperation. The name of the body is Let’s Do It Foundation and it’s aim is to represent our global movement in dealings with our international partners and other organizations.

Clean Planet – how shall we get there? (Aug 12)

Each cleanup action is one huge step towards clean planet. World Cleanup 2012 brings those efforts together. But we are not fooling ourselves – some more big steps need to be made to get us there. And there is no group, organization or country who is able to complete these alone.   

West Africa Let´s do it conference (Aug 11)

From 9th to 11th of September 2011, Let’s Do It! movement kick-starts in West Africa with a great get-together conference in Accra, Ghana.  

World Cleanup 2012 get-together of South-Europe and North-Africa teams (Aug 11)

Civic movement World Cleanup 2012 is starting to spread across the world, with ambition to clean up the whole world of illegal garbage!

The international team, consisting of the cleanup initiators from different countries, is organizing a regional gathering to come together, share knowhow and experience from previous cleanups, and help new teams to kick-start their cleanups for 2012.

The get-together will take place 2-4 September in Madrid. Our host will be HUB Madrid (a great organisation offering a space for civic activists)

The conference is supported by Rezidor Hotel Group and HUB Madrid.

You can download the booklet and invitation from here

If you wish to participate, please contact Kadi Kenk

Also feel free to share this invitation! We look forward to hearing from you.

Let's Do It! team in Asia Pacific Urban Forum in Bangkok (Jul 06)

From 21st until 24th of June Tiina and Birjo were representing and introducing Let's do it! movement and World Cleanup 2012 in Bangkok - during Asia and Pacific Urban forum. There were more than 600 participants from the region, from many NGO-s, local governments and other organizations. 

Brazil Rio team reports on Limpa Rio! (Jul 05)

Limpa Rio! Team managed to gather 6500 people to clean up the streets and public places in Rio, Brazil. You can now read all about how exactly they organized everything, how well it went and what they learned during the process.

Lets do it! Summer camp (Jul 05)

The event will take place on Saaremaa on august 20-21 2011 Early arrivers will be welcomed already on the evening of august 19.

It will be a fun event, where we get to know each other, have some brainstorming, listen  inspirational speakers. Ofcourse we will have free time which we can spend in the beautiful nature and  have refreshing dip  in the sea. 

This is preliminary information. Are we making this up as we go along? - YES!  

If you are interested then register yourself by 5th august

The National Cleaning Day in Romania will happen again on September 24th, 2011 (Jun 23)

The biggest social involvement project from the country “Let's Do It, Romania!”, will happen again on 2011. The National Cleaning Day is this year on the 24th of September!

At the same time with the launch of the new edition, the official report made for action that took place on the 25th of September, 2010 was published. It may be found on the project’s website The report contains information regarding the steps that were taken during the year 2010, on each of the main important fields of the project: project management, communication, IT, logistics, fundraising, but also relevant figures and less know things inside the team. 

Let's Do It, Romania! gets two Civil Society Awards (Jun 16)

Bucharest, 10.06.2011

The 9th edition of The Civil Society Awards took place last night at the Romanian Opera. It is the most important competition that awards the activity developed in the Romanian nonprofit field.

Let`s Do It, Romania!” got up the stage twice, being awarded for both sections of the competition. First Award was granted for the category Civic Behaviour and Public Participation the most wanted category of the competition. 38 projects have been nominated to this section of the Awarded, the biggest this year.

Fishington Post: Lets Do It, Romania! returns (Jun 10)

Fishington Post writes: "For about a year Anamaria Hâncu has been communicating on behalf of Lets Do It, Romania!. She is always on the run, but we managed to catch her for a few minutes on an eco talk. We discussed about the volunteering attitude of the Romanians, but also about the involvement of brands and local authorities in the project. We sketched the portrait of the Eco Romanian and drew the values of the LDIR brand."

406 or the long story, when the dream came true (May 20)

On May 12, European Parliament announced the first adopted Written Declaration of the year 2011 - Declaration Nr. 3, signed by 406 MEPs who decided to give their support to World Cleanup 2012 and ask the Commission to enforce EU waste legislation. Julie Clancier, the moving force and magician behind that dream-come-true is sharing the backstage story about how it all came to happen.

The World Cleanup 2012 conference in Washington D.C. this Saturday (May 20)

The Let’s Do It! World team is most pleased to announce our first US conference. The workshop is taking place at the Estonian Embassy in Washington D.C., on Saturday, May 21st 2011. 

Address: 2131 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington D.C., DC 20008

The conference is organized with the aim to support the efforts of the global cleanup action team.

Results of cleanups in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia (May 20)

7 months of  preparations culminated when Hai Moldova came out in strength of 113 600 people – a full army united in a common goal of clean and prosperous Moldova on April 16th. Divided in groups of 2-5, the volunteers picked up 6 800 tons of garbage in 28 out of 32 districts, 854 cities and villages total. Even the rain stopped in the evening before!

Report from Congo: Let's clean the heart of Africa (May 20)

By Nara Petrovič

Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo is a city of approximately 9 million people, most of them living in extreme poverty. It goes without saying that there is no system of waste handling, no landfills, no recycling facilities. Basically, the waste is everywhere. People aren't even noticing the waste; they have to first ensure their bare survival. Cleaning up the waste seems like a redundant luxury...

Anita Bhargava believes in clean Delhi (May 18)

Anita Bhargava, an Indian woman who after living for 10 years in New York and California, returned to India to be with her siblings and to make a difference. She has been a driving force behind cleanup actions in the capital, during which 125 locations were cleaned up. But these were pretty soon dirty again. So, she decided – India needs a different approach...

The European Parliament supports World Cleanup 2012 (May 12)

The European Parliament has given its endorsement to a global civic "clean up" initiative aiming to engage millions of volunteers from Europe and other regions of the world to clean up thousands of tons of illegal waste in 2012. Over 400 MEPs have signed a written declaration supporting the event, which is expected to count on the support of millions of volunteers next year. The text also calls for an improvement on tackling waste at EU level and by authorities in Member States.

AFP: Cyber-guided clean-up hopes to sweep globe (May 06)

Slovenian clean-up. Photo by Matej GolobCyber-environmentalists from Cambodia to Brazil are using Google Earth-based software to target and banish trash from the countryside as they gear up for World Cleanup 2012, event organisers said Friday.

"Preparations for World Cleanup 2012 that were launched in February are being lead at the moment by a 50-member international team in 30 countries," Tiina Urm, spokeswoman for the Tallinn-based "Lets do it - World Cleanup 2012" told AFP.

Thousands of volunteers cleaned Phnom Penh on April 23rd (Apr 28)

Thousands of volunteers gathered at Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium on a very early morning on Saturday, April 23rd, armed with green t-shirts, masks, gloves, water and tongs.

Regional conference Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day! ended successfully (Apr 18)

Regional conference Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day!, taking place from 15 to 17 April in Rimske toplice, Slovenia, ended yesterday. It was attended by 61 volunteers from 11 countries, who, in their country, will be in charge of organizing the largest voluntary environmental action in world history - World Cleanup 2012.

Cleanups today in Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania (Apr 16)

More than 400 000 volunteers are expected to participate in massive civic-led cleanup actions this Saturday, April 16, taking place in Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania.

Hai Moldova! is uniting the whole country for a cleanup (Mar 24)

Last year few girls from Moldavia took part in the amazingly successful cleanup in Slovenia. Right there and then, they decided to start the initiative at their home country. Now the whole Moldavia has decided to join them - Hai Moldova! cleanup day is happening in just few weeks - 16th of April. One of the team members, Daniela Cibotari, shares their story.

"This project is totally crazy!" (Mar 24)

By Nara Petrovic

Let’s do it! movement is the simplest movement in the world to describe. Its mission statement and the entire “(trans-)political” program can be summed in one sentence: “Let’s clean up the waste from all illegal dumpsites in the world, together and right now!”

Many instinctively object this is a labour of Sisyphus—it is obvious the increasing population will keep producing more and more waste and not less and less. Thus the waste will not cease to be in one day, in one year - or will it?

More cleanups on the way in Russia (Mar 23)

The NGO Musora.Bolshe.Net in Russia joined Let's Do It! movement last year. The first cleanup was organized in September 2010 in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Evgenia Sukhova from the team, says that this year, the plans and ambitions have grown much bigger: "May 15, 2011 is the day for 500 cleanup events in Russia and CIS. This is the second step towards a global goal - to clear resting places, just as it was done some years ago by members of "Let’s do it" project from Estonia."

Let's create the biggest and ugliest map ever! (Mar 23)

The reality around your homestreets, forests, parks, cities, beaches and villages won't get better, unless you open your eyes and mark down, what needs to be done. A new tool has arrived for those who choose not to live in denial - a map where you can make your homestreet's garbage visible, no matter where you live! World garbage map is here.

Putting the pressure on the top (Mar 23)

By Julie Clancier
Have you ever wanted to know more about what we are doing at the moment in order
to promote our amazing movement in Europe and on the European institutions level?
Well, read on and I'll tell you the story!

Cleanup team in Cambodia dives in (Mar 23)

Let's Do It! team in Cambodia is hard at work to bring cleaner future to Cambodians. The first big cleanup is set to happen already in April. Indre Sabaliunaite from the team shared the first results of their action and talked about the plans for next months coming up.

Lithuania preparing for the fourth cleanup on April 16th (Mar 23)

Lithuanian team is preparing for the fourth cleanup this year. We talked with Vytautas Krasnickas to know if this time it's different and if the spirit of the action is as fresh as four years ago.

World Cleanup 2012 (Feb 24)

How does your dream world look like - all green and clean, blooming and beautiful? Now it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. We are calling people from all parts of the world to join in for the World Cleanup 2012. Initiate a cleanup in your home country or help us spread the word to your people and let's make this planet clean and beautiful again. 

Regional conference in India coming soon (Feb 24)

From all countries in the world India seems to be the last one for clean-up initiatives, but by thinking so, you are doing a big mistake. People leading Let's do it! initiatives in New Delhi and other regions in India, have done it already and engaged altogether 50 000 volunteers in the cleanups during last year. Now it`s time to share the experience and invite active people to join in from other areas and countries in the region.

Brazil team will start with the biggest cities (Feb 24)

Let's do it! team in Brazil has started to prepare first cleanups in the country's biggest cities. The first two Limpa Brazil cleanups will be taking place on 6th of June 2011 in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, moving on to cover 12 other bigger cities by the end of 2011. The team is not timid in setting their goals - planning to engage at least 50 000 people in each city. Read about how it all started and where it is going from our interview with Augusto Braz from Limpa Brazil team.

Ukraine preparing for big cleanup (Feb 24)

Ukraine had it's first pilot cleanup in Kiew in 2010, engaging few thousand volunteers. This year they have set their goals much higher - expecting 50 000 people to step up and join in, they are preparing for their big countrywide cleanup day on 16th of April 2011. Read about how are they progressing, how bumpy has the ride been and much more in the interview with national media coordinator Oksana Ilyasevych.

Balkan conference on 16th of April (Feb 24)

One year after the huge success of the one-day clean-up action on April 17th 2010 in Slovenia, Ecologists without borders are now amidst intense preparations for their first international event – Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day! is the title of the conference, taking place in Rimske toplice from 15th to 17th April this year. It is organized with the aim to support the efforts of the global clean-up action team, focusing on Slovenia’s closest neighbours.

Project Limpar Portugal wins Green Project Award (Nov 12)

Francisco Moura from Limpar Portugal team is sharing good news - they won Green Project Award for their work in organizing the clean-up in Portugal.

Ukrainian team is reflecting back and looking ahead (Nov 12)

Team working on the Ukrainian Let's Do It! clean-up action is looking back at the last clean-up which took place on 25th of September in Kyiv and is making already bigger plans for the future. In their own words..

Inspiration: Cleanup organized in Helsinki, Finland by 8-year-old girl (Oct 06)

Frustrated with litter in her neighborhood in Haaga, western Helsinki, Kaisa-Sofia Häyhtiö, 8, decided to act and organized a cleanup on Sunday September 26th. „I just got fed up with the trash and thought that if people won´t clean up after themselves, someone else has to“, says Kaisa-Sofia.

The Economist: The wiki way (Oct 06)

Schumpeter blog: Two cyber-gurus take a second look at how the internet is changing the world

Slovenian team granted Order of Merit by the President of Slovenia (Sep 30)

President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk gave the associaton Ecologists Without Borders the Order of Merit for their work in organising the country-wide cleanup in Slovenia.

25th September 2010, a magnificent day for Romania (Sep 29)

Maybe you wonder how did Let's do it Romania go? Here is how Nara Petrovič, a "neutral" observer from Slovenia has experienced the magnificent cleanup day ...

Video: CNN-IBN Ordinary people, extrarordinary tales (May 06)

Anita Bhargava tells her story to CNN-IBN about "Let`s Do It Delhi" project

Message: Anita writes from Let's do it! Delhi (Apr 22)

Team of volunteers in New Delhi, planning a city-wide clean-up in the capital of India, on 26th of September 2010, is busy at work. Read team-leader Anita's message and report about the recent developments and future plans below.

Country-wide cleanup in Latvia on this Saturday, April 24 (Apr 21)

The 3rd annual Great Cleanup project is kicking off in Latvia this Saturday, April 24. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in the voluntary campaign. This year the theme is culture. Activists will be asked to clean up and improve places that are of historical and cultural importance.

Video: Slovenia having the largest volunteer action ever, plans for all-europe clean-up taking shape (Apr 18)

See a video from Slovenian TV-channel, where organizers talk about the action on 17th of April and European commissioner proposes the idea of all-europe clean-up for next year. Translation to English also below.

350 000 people participated in the clean-ups in Slovenia and Lithuania (Apr 18)

Both clean-ups in Lithuania and Slovenia yesterday, on 17th of April were a huge success - Lithuania had it's biggest clean-up yet engaging more than 100 000 volunteers, Slovenia broke an absolute record by engaging 12% of the population - 246 000 people directly in the action. 

300 000 volunteers cleaning up two countries tomorrow (Apr 16)

16th of April 2010

Tomorrow, on 17th of April, civic actions on unprecedented scale are taking place – altoghether 300 000 volunteers are coming out on one day to rid two countries of illegal garbage – Slovenia and Lithuania.

Interview with Vytautas Krasnickas from Lithuanian team (Apr 16)

Tomorrow, 17th of April, is a big day in two countries - Latvia and Slovenia are both having groundbreaking national clean-up days - huge numbers of participants are expected to take part. Here is a short interview with Lithuanian action manager Vytautas.

Interview with Nara Petrovič from Slovenian team (Apr 14)

With just few more days to go until saturday, the 17th of April, we asked few questions from one of the organizers of the big Slovenian Clean-up day - Nara Petrovič. Read about how the clean-up day is organized, how much garbage are they actually aiming to clean up with how many people and much more from the interview below: 

Speech from Slovenia: Pavel Gantar on cleaning and caring (Apr 14)

Read a great speech given as the introductory speech on the debate on waste management entitled "Clean Slovenia forever!" by Pavel Gantar - long time civic activist, human rights protector, Slovenian politician and sociologist now a Chairman of the National Assembly of Slovenia.  

Video: Clean and green fashion-show in Slovenia (Mar 26)

Today an open-air fashion show, presenting 'green' fashion pieces by different designers, was held on the streets of the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana, to support the clean-up action taking place on 17th of April. See the video of the fashion show.

PRESS RELEASE Romania: Country Clean-Up on September 25th! (Mar 26)

Bucureşti, March 25th 2010

Thursday, March 25th 2010, was the official launch of “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, the biggest social involvement project ever to be organized in Romania, a project that plans to clean the human-generated garbage masses in the country’s natural areas, in one day. The date of the Country Clean-Up Day, which has been released today, is the 25th September 2010; on that particular day, all Romanians are expected to participate in order to change Romania’s “image”. 

Romanian team announces the clean-up day! (Mar 26)

In a press conference held on 25th of March, the Let's do it! Romania team announced the day of Let's do it! Romania clean-up - 25th of September 2010!

Video: Pilot clean-up in Delhi attracts nearly thousand people (Mar 25)

Video news-story about pilot clean-up in New Delhi on 20th of March. 

Yahoo News: Street vendors, corporate hands clear Delhi garbage (Mar 20)

New Delhi, March 20 (IANS) At least 1,000 people, ranging from employees of leading corporate groups and the civic wings of the Delhi government to street vendors and individual volunteers, Saturday cleared more than 500 tonnes of litter from the Bhikaji Cama commercial complex in south Delhi in a unique citizens' initiative that aims to clean public spaces in the capital before the Commonwealth Games.

Euronews: Massive Countryside clean-up in Portugal (Mar 20)

It is known as Clean Portugal – a massive campaign to clear away waste and litter from the countryside. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in the operation, including the country’s president.

Hindustan Times: Volunteers say ‘Let’s do it Delhi’ (Mar 20)

On Saturday, south Delhi’s Bhikaji Cama Place looked cleaner than it ever has been — all thanks to a YouTube video. The usually-busy commercial complex woke up to an unusual cleaning campaign, as more than 900 volunteers gathered early in the morning, with gloves and garbage bags in hand.

Massive cleanup in Portugal, pilot cleanups in Delhi and Romania completed today! (Mar 20)

Equinox day 20th of March 2010 - Portugal did its country cleanup. At the same time Indian city of New Delhi and Romania did their pilot cleanups. Some estimate that approximately 100 000 people participated in the country-wide clean-up of Portugal. The official statistics are not yet available except for the pilot in Delhi where aprox.1000 people took part. More updates coming up soon. Congratulations for everybody in Portugal, New Delhi and Romania who made it happen!!!

President of Portugal cleaning:

End of February in Slovenia; 48 days to go till April 17! (Mar 03)

Nara from Slovenian team gives us an overview how things are developing before the big clean-up on 17th of April:

In Slovenia, there is a lot going on! The activities are getting more and more intense as the cleanup day gets nearer.
As of this week there are almost 200 municipalities with local organizers (only a few to go!).

Video: Limpar Portugal progressing in Portugal (Feb 12)

Have a look at how Limpar Portugal is progressing in this short video with english subtitles. The organizers are engaging hundreds of volunteers to continue with mapping. Looking good in North, but more troublesome in South Portugal - more activists are needed.

Message from Let's do it! Delhi: We have the Government support! (Feb 10)

Anita from Let's do it! Delhi shares the news - the movement has gained full support from the Delhi Government and is already planning next major pilot clean-up in April. Organizers are working towards cleaning the India's capital in huge one-day action in September 2010.

Pilot clean-up in Guimarães Portugal (Feb 04)

On 3rd of February, a pilot clean-up of Limpar Portugal took place in the first historic capital of Portugal - Guimarães. 

Fight against litter picks up online, writes Dubai weekly 7DAYS (Feb 03)

Fed up with seeing the environment strewn with garbage, activists from around the globe aim to muster a million volunteers this year for a mass clean-up piloted via the internet, organisers said.

Estonia launches a global movement (Jan 28)

Marc Hyman writes in his blog: The hottest new Estonian export is not a product or a service. It is the deceptively simple idea that, if you make it fun, and create a sufficiently groovy vibe around it, you can mobilize huge numbers of people to clean up massive amounts of illegally-dumped garbage — all in one day. The concept, perhaps better described as a movement, is called Let’s Do It!

Let's do it! Conference in Tallinn this weekend (Jan 21)

This weekend, on 23rd and 24th on January, more than 40 people from seven different countries will meet to share experiences and work out new solutions for national clean-up actions. 

Residents of New Delhi have taken up a novel initiative to clean up their city (Jan 20)

Based on a very successful model of ‘Let’s Do It Estonia’, where Estonia was cleaned up through a process involving private citizens, corporates and civic bodies, a group in Delhi is likewise is reaching out to civic bodies and took up the Rose Garden (opposite IIT Delhi) as its first project. 

Developments in different countries (Jan 20)

Things in Romania, Slovenia and Portugal have been heating up more and more. New initiative has started from Italy.

AFP: Massive clean-up drive in Latvia, Lithuania (Apr 18)


RIGA (AFP) – Latvians and Lithuanians turned out in tens of thousands Saturday to clean up their Baltic nations as part of theinternational Earth Day environmental campaign, organisers said.

Latvia: More than 110 000 volunteers participated in the Great Cleanup Day (Apr 08)


The provisional estimates by organisers of the Great Cleanup Day show that today's grand cleanup action brought together more than 110 000 volunteers who collected 340 000 thousands 60 litre bags with waste.