Latvia: More than 110 000 volunteers participated in the Great Cleanup Day (Apr 08)


The provisional estimates by organisers of the Great Cleanup Day show that today's grand cleanup action brought together more than 110 000 volunteers who collected 340 000 thousands 60 litre bags with waste.

Exact estimates of collected waste volume and information about the number of participants is expected to be provided by the event's organisers by the end of April, when the data will be obtained from the waste deposit authorities and regional coordinators of cleanup activities.

The organisers of the Great Cleanup Day would like to express their gratitude to all participants for their activity and express contentment with unity of people in Latvia working for a common purpose of ensuring clean environment!

The activities of the Great Cleanup Day were made possible by 834 coordinators throughout Latvia, including 392 local governments, 269 schools, 161 companies and organisations, and 12 higher educational institutions, not to mention individuals who cleaned up their own properties.

It has already been reported that the first cleanup event took place on 13 September 2008 within the framework of Latvia's 90th Anniversary events. Within one single day, around 50 thousand people in Latvia who care about the sustainable development of our country and want to live in a clean environment participated in the cleanup activities in 512 sites of 364 local government territories. Estimates made by organisers and waste management authorities show that more than 260 thousand bags of waste were collected during the cleanup event.

The Great Cleanup Day is organised by a non-governmental organisation "Project Footprints" (Projekts Pēdas) and an interest group "For Clean Forests" (Tīriem mežiem) in cooperation with the Chancery of the President of Latvia, the State Chancellery, the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, the Ministry of Environment, the joint stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži", "Latvijas Valsts ceļi" and other partners.

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