Lithuania preparing for the fourth cleanup on April 16th (Mar 23)

Lithuanian team is preparing for the fourth cleanup this year. We talked with Vytautas Krasnickas to know if this time it's different and if the spirit of the action is as fresh as four years ago.

What is the team doing at the moment and in the coming weeks?

Now we are very busy in preparing mapping and collecting Let's Do It Lithuania regional teams.
In the coming month we will organize massive mapping in all regions with Nokia phones. Also many people everywhere will be working independently by marking the garbage points to our google map by drupal system with smart phones.

In this picture: Part of Darom 2011 team

How has this year been different from previous years?

We are progressing - planing to collect waste from all Lithuanian forests and shores of lakes and rivers. All municipalities and all organizations are now in and engaged in the project. The event will be more massive than it has ever been in previous years. This year in all waste points there will be recycling. We are also reusing the mobile phones, which are gathered during the action.

How did the team meet each other? Do you have some people from previous years or is everyone new?

Just about 10% of our team is from last year. All others are very new. And everyone is very enthusiastic.

Has the garbage situation in Lithuania changed during last years?

There are less illegal waste dumping points all around Lithuania - for example in 2009 we gathered about 150 000 people and we collected about 10 000 tons of waste. Meanwhile in 2010 we gathered 200 000 people and collected 6 000 tons of waste. So we hope - it is the progress of our actions. 

How many people and how many gathered tons of waste are you expecting this time? 

We hope that this year we will have about 300 000 of people and we will collect considerable amount of waste - about 15 000 tons. Because this time we are going wider and collecting from all distant regions.

Has there been any new technical solutions this time? Which kind?

We have no other technical solutions - just we are now very keen on building and strengthening our team. That they wouldn't leave our organization after event, but would help to prepare for World Cleanup 2012. We hope that we will be very big support for international team with about 50 new volunteers.

How is the team spirit right now - excited?

The team spirit is very high now - we are all in this so much!

What would you say to the teams who are cleaning with you at the same day for the first time?

Hey guys - we are now creating history for all the world - Let's Do It very good and feel the spirit of goodness we are creating right now! Best wishes from Lithuanian team  - we can Do this!!!!!