Residents of New Delhi have taken up a novel initiative to clean up their city (Jan 20)

Based on a very successful model of ‘Let’s Do It Estonia’, where Estonia was cleaned up through a process involving private citizens, corporates and civic bodies, a group in Delhi is likewise is reaching out to civic bodies and took up the Rose Garden (opposite IIT Delhi) as its first project. 

Let’s Do It Delhi believes that government has to be met halfway in order to get things functioning- and they were not disappointed when they approached the DDA for a clean-up of the Rose Garden. The DDA has made special efforts for cleaning up the Rose Garden and these are now going to be augmented by a citizens’ clean-up drive on Saturday, 23rd January 2010 at 8 PM.  Senior professionals from different fields, students and senior citizens are associated with this event and are pitching in with contributions of gloves, aprons, caps and sticks- and of course, their own labour. Lets Do It Delhi will be taking on different areas of Delhi for clean-ups in the coming months.

 “The idea,” say the Let's Do It team, “is to make places so clean that people will want to retain the level of cleanliness, making the task feasible even for the civic bodies."

If you would like to help in their next pilot, please contact

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