Let's Do It, Romania! gets two Civil Society Awards (Jun 16)

Bucharest, 10.06.2011

The 9th edition of The Civil Society Awards took place last night at the Romanian Opera. It is the most important competition that awards the activity developed in the Romanian nonprofit field.

Let`s Do It, Romania!” got up the stage twice, being awarded for both sections of the competition. First Award was granted for the category Civic Behaviour and Public Participation the most wanted category of the competition. 38 projects have been nominated to this section of the Awarded, the biggest this year.

Thesecond category for which “Let`s Do It, Romania!” was enlistedand nominated the winner is Projectsand volunteering campaigns,suggestive of the nonprofit activities, but also the most relevantgiven the particularity of the project.

“The two awards make us proud because they represent the acknowledgment of what “Let`s Do It, Romania!” is for the civil society. We would like our initiative to encourage other actions that have as purpose changing Romania for the better. We proved that this is possible here too when one believes and fights till one achieves it. The 2 awards describe accurately what “Let`s Do It, Romania!” is about that is civic behaviour and volunteering, two key concepts for the action that took place on the 25th of December, 2010. And we do not stop here! “Let`s Do It, Romania!” will happen in 2011 also. Therefore we invite the Romanians to enter our national team!” the representatives of the project have said.

The project was awarded for both sections it was nominated, as this isthe maximum number of enlistings accepted by the competition. 

The Civil Society Awards is the annual competition that acknowledges the projects developed by the non-governmental organisations, initiative groups, unions or simple individuals, thus stressing the importance, value and visibility of the best civic initiatives.The awarding festivity is also a means for the reunion of the third sector and the representatives of the public and private sector. 

Let`s Do It, Romania!” is the biggest social involvement project from our country that intends to clean the entire Romanian territory of the refuse gathered outside the cities in just one day. On September 25, 2010 over 200 000 volunteers have participated at the National Cleaning Day.