The National Cleaning Day in Romania will happen again on September 24th, 2011 (Jun 23)

The biggest social involvement project from the country “Let's Do It, Romania!”, will happen again on 2011. The National Cleaning Day is this year on the 24th of September!

At the same time with the launch of the new edition, the official report made for action that took place on the 25th of September, 2010 was published. It may be found on the project’s website The report contains information regarding the steps that were taken during the year 2010, on each of the main important fields of the project: project management, communication, IT, logistics, fundraising, but also relevant figures and less know things inside the team. 

The general figure indicate that over 200,000 volunteers participated to the cleaning day on the 25th of September, from all the 41 counties of the country and they gathered over 550,000 bags of refuse. As concerns the organization, 5 central authorities and over 2,000 local authorities have been involved during the project together with 1289 organizers at a national level (60 national organizers, 21 regional coordinators, 84 county coordinators and 1145 local organizers). Over 294 logistics partners (sanitation, separate collecting and storage), over 350 companies and over 255 NGOs were involved. 

The main news for this year is the new mapping system which shall be based this time on “mapping areas” of approximately 3×3 km each (also called grids). Each volunteer that registers for mapping shall chose his or her own mapping areas and the report shall be uploaded on the project’s intranet. The new system allows computing the mapped percentage from each county, but also distributing the resources in the areas with the highest probability of existing waste. The final objective of this system is the Waste map, the key instrument in organizing the volunteers for the cleaning day. The Waste Map shall be at the base of the Waste National Registry, which was developed as an instrument for monitoring the main problem areas, useful for authorities and organizers.

This year “Let's Do It, Romania!” intends to exceed the record established last year and to involve 500 000 volunteers on the 24th of September. The project team is sustained by elite partners, acknowledged for their professionalism in their fields of expertise: Institutul Roman de Training si Ascendis (training), Asociatia Romana de Salubritate, Urban si Romprest (logistics), Friends (advertising). Also, the “Let's Do It, World!” community is officially supported by the European Parliament. 406 members have signed Statement no. 3/2011, through which they commit giving give their support to LDIW and shall ask the European Commission to improve the EU legislation regarding the waste management.

Except for the obvious objective that is cleaning the country from wastes, the project has also an important learning and awareness raising feature as regards the concern for the environment.

Let's Do It, Romania!” is the project of all those who believe that in Romania positive happen when each person is willing to contribute even a little bit: one day for a cleaner Romania.

News on Romanian TV channel PRO TV, 14.06.2011