Message from Let's do it! Delhi: We have the Government support! (Feb 10)

Anita from Let's do it! Delhi shares the news - the movement has gained full support from the Delhi Government and is already planning next major pilot clean-up in April. Organizers are working towards cleaning the India's capital in huge one-day action in September 2010.

The Message:

Thanks all of you for signing up. Many of you have volunteered your time. That is the most fantastic contribution you can make to this initiative. We do not want cash contributions. If you do not litter, pick at least 10 pieces of litter a month and spread the message we will be much better off.

We now have the support of Delhi Government, MCD and NDMC. For those of you who helped us on 23rd Jan to clean up Rose Garden, thanks a ton. Or should I say thanks 1.3 tons. That was the garbage we got from a seemingly clean park. Can you imagine what would happen if we went to many other places!

Anyways, we will keep you in the loop periodically of what is happening. Our next major pilot is in April. It will be Bhikaji Cama, Netaji Nagar, RK Puram, Mohammadpur, Rama Colony. We have a lot to do till then, as we need to make sure we have a sustainable model and creating awareness alongside. Please do help in the awareness mission.


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