End of February in Slovenia; 48 days to go till April 17! (Mar 03)

Nara from Slovenian team gives us an overview how things are developing before the big clean-up on 17th of April:

In Slovenia, there is a lot going on! The activities are getting more and more intense as the cleanup day gets nearer.
As of this week there are almost 200 municipalities with local organizers (only a few to go!).

So far only a few thousand people have registered on the website of the projected 200.000, but we expect most of them to register in the following month through various programmes we're organizing. There are 36000 fans on our Facebook group.

The marking of illegal dumpsites on Geopedia.si ortophoto maps is over! 17.341 potential dumpsites were located. Of them 1459 were actually physically mapped so far. On March 13 and March 20 there will be two big mapping events all over Slovenia to confirm the sites marked on the internet and add more that will be found. Approximately 100 more mappers will be needed for the work, but we are sure more volunteer will be joining.

On March 26 there will be a fashion show.

On April 8 we are planning a big round table with main experts on waste in Slovenia.

On April 10. there will be a big pilot cleanup event with Slovenian Military.

On March 6 eco-caravan begins in North Slovenian town Murska Sobota. The caravan will bring presentation of the project to all regions, meeting with majors, local organizers, communal companies, associations etc. It will travel to more than 15 towns and end in the capital, Ljubljana with a big press conference on March 15, two days before the cleanup day. The central aim of the caravan is to increase awareness about waste and stress the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. Games for children and round tables will be organized in all these towns with local experts.

The team of volunteers is so big by now, it's hard to estimate the numbers. We know only that core organizing team consists of 40 to 50 very dedicated volunteers, many of them working practically full time. Besides this there are almost 200 local organizers and many active mappers.

The main partners of the organization are: Tourist Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Forest Service, Slovenian Firemen Association, Geopedia of Sinergise company (providing internet map software), Neolab company offering website development, communication company Pristop, Mountaineer Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Diving Federation, Slovenian Hunters' Association, The Association of Municipalities of Slovenia, Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia, Slovenian Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association, Kayak and Canoe Federation, The National Scout Organization, Olympic Comitee of Slovenia, National Fishing Union, Slovenian Red Cross ...
NGO-s: Focus, Umanotera, Cipra, Institute for Sustainable Development, Enivronmental Centre, Eco Vitae, EkoŠOU, Slovenian Birdwatching Association, Slovene Philantropy ... and many many others. 

By a very rough estimation more than 10.000 hours of voluntary work have been done so far just by the organizing team and more than 100.000 hours of work by the wider group of mappers, organizers and coordinators.

And this is us, pulling the cart: http://ocistimo.si/Spoznajte-nas.aspx

Here is a list of articles, available on the internet, published in the Slovenian media: http://www.ocistimo.si/Objave-v-medijih.aspx

These are the dumpsite and organization maps of Slovenia: http://www.ocistimo.si/Kako-gre-vasi-obcini.aspx
The first one is municipalities that already joined (green -- almost all :-) ) and the last one is Illegal dumpsite registry.

We're grateful for all good thoughts and encouragment from all of you around the world!

In the name of Slovenian team,

Nara Petrovič
Očistimo Slovenijo v enem dnevu!
E: nara.petrovic@ocistimo.si