PRESS RELEASE Romania: Country Clean-Up on September 25th! (Mar 26)

Bucureşti, March 25th 2010

Thursday, March 25th 2010, was the official launch of “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, the biggest social involvement project ever to be organized in Romania, a project that plans to clean the human-generated garbage masses in the country’s natural areas, in one day. The date of the Country Clean-Up Day, which has been released today, is the 25th September 2010; on that particular day, all Romanians are expected to participate in order to change Romania’s “image”. 

April is the month that marks a very important stage of the project, the mapping, made possible with the help of volunteers registered through the website. It involves finding the garbage masses in natural areas and determining their coordinates with the help of GPS devices, afterwhich all the data is to be uploaded to a special soft. The final result of these activities is the Romanian garbage map, based on which an estimation of all the necessary resources for the project’s success will be possible, including the number of volunteers that will be needed on the Clean-Up Day. At this moment, there are 1543 volunteers registered for the mapping process (out of the 3500 that are needed throughout the country), and the proper activities will begin in Cluj county.

Central authorities have joined the project: Environmental and Forestry Ministry, Education, Research, Youth and Sports Ministry, Romanian Waters National Agency, Romanian Gendarmerie, National Forests Agency – ROMSILVA, Culture and Cults Ministry, Bucegi Natural Park Administration, Regional Development and Tourism Ministry, and also a few of the local authorities.

“Let’s Do It, Romania!” has the following stages: the registration of volunteers for the central team (and establishing the work teams); the implementation of the garbage map (which includes the mapping process); communication (notifying and mobilizing different types of audiences); the cleaning activity (which practically means the one day when all the people will be involved in the project); the closure of the project (assessing the impact, drawing up conclusions, passing the baton).  
Considering the fact that the campaign is a very large one, support will be needed from the entire civil society, including central and local authorities, companies, NGOs, media coverage, public figures, service providers and also, the general public, for which there are open position in local teams coordination, volunteering in the mapping process, and also volunteering on the Country Clean-Up Day – when the registration form will be available on the official website:

“Let`s Do It, Romania!” is inspired by Estonia’s initiative, where 50 000 volunteers participated in their Country Clean-Up day on May 3rd 2008. The idea has become a phenomenon, and other countries followed Estonia’s example: Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal are countries that applied the project successfully; besides Romania, Slovenia and India are developing similar projects themselves. Romania is the largest country in Europe to organize the project. The central team is composed of 60 volunteers, from NGO members to individuals.

To this point, the project has gathered over 20 000 private supporters through social media networking, all of whom are potential volunteers for the Clean-Up Day.

Other than the explicit objective, ehich is cleaning the country’s garbage, the project also embeds an educational and empowering component in terms of people’s concern for the environment.

“Let’s Do It, Romania!” is a project for every person that believes that Romania is a country where good things happen as well, particularly when each of us is willing to play at least a small role: one day, for a clean country. 


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