Clean Planet – how shall we get there? (Aug 12)

Each cleanup action is one huge step towards clean planet. World Cleanup 2012 brings those efforts together. But we are not fooling ourselves – some more big steps need to be made to get us there. And there is no group, organization or country who is able to complete these alone.   

We have arrived to a doorstep where we need to come together to pass through. So here is our vision, how we can come together and turn things around on this planet. These steps we need to make:

Education and awareness

Everythings begins with thought and with personal choice – we need to become more aware about the effects of our everyday lifestyles, of our everyday decisions. This begins with education in schools, but most importantly – with talking to our family members, friends, colleagues. If you know it, share it.

Ecologically intelligent consumption

Each one of us can make a big difference just by becoming more aware about our choices as a consumer – to buy less, to favor products that have been produced without harming the environment and always using any chance to give new life to already used products. If more and more of us start to make those choices, the whole production chain will transform. Be smart, make difference. 

Sustainable design and production

The choices that we have are born not in the store, but in the heads of the designers and producers. The whole production process must be reformed to follow the nature’s spirit – using environmentally safe materials and production processes, designing products to be used longer and to be recycled. Cradle to cradle is taking the lead now, it’s time to follow. Nature is our best teacher.

Tax reform favoring sustainable products and services

We need to design some very specific ways to support conscious choises on every level, choises that benefit us all in the long run. Talk is not enough. We need to put our money where our mouth is.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Respect yourself, enjoy and appreciate what you already have and you will discover that you don’t need that much stuff to begin with. Sometimes your old is someone else’s new and vice versa. Look for creative and innovative ways to give new life to old and used things. Buy less, use longer and use again.

Cooperation between people

Sharing ideas and best practises makes us wiser. One can change the world if he or she is able to share the dream and invites others along. Thus we believe that cooperation is the only way forward. It begins with friends and families and follows with communities, countries, groups and organisations. Each one of us is needed to make this happen!