More cleanups on the way in Russia (Mar 23)

The NGO Musora.Bolshe.Net in Russia joined Let's Do It! movement last year. The first cleanup was organized in September 2010 in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Evgenia Sukhova from the team, says that this year, the plans and ambitions have grown much bigger: "May 15, 2011 is the day for 500 cleanup events in Russia and CIS. This is the second step towards a global goal - to clear resting places, just as it was done some years ago by members of "Let’s do it" project from Estonia."

In the picture: Cleanup in September 2010

The first step was taken by organizing a grand event in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region - 100 cleanups in one day at September 11, 2010.

"Our movement was started in 2004, however legal entity was established in 2010," says Evgenia. 

Musora.Bolshe.Net (MBN) (Zero waste) - is positive-creative-proactive environmental movement.  

"Positive, because we don’t protest, but change the World for better. Creative, because we look for and find unusual solutions to problems. Proactive, because MBN moves and develops by initiative of its participants, that is You," Sukhova explains. 

She brings out cooperativeness as the movement's key feature. And adds: "We are open for cooperation with any organization, business, church or political party. The only rule it must be cooperation towards our goal. To be very goal-oriented is helping us to keep clean and clear relationships with the partners. We are not protesters by nature we are opposite! And we teach people how to be cooperative and reach ambitious social goals by being cooperative."

The team's mission is to change view and understanding the waste problem on all levels of society in modern Russia. In their own words they aim to change peoples mind and attitude towards personal ecology and environment treatment, business awareness and culture of wasteful production. "We want to bring and strengthen "Zero waste" concept in Russia," Evgenia says. "To achieve our goals we undertake a broad range of activities. These include developing ecological culture through actions and refuse collections with volunteers, ordinary citizens and companies, taking part in festivals, seminars, scientific conferences and discussions."

You can read more at their brilliantly titled homepage at: Мусора.Больше.Нет