Thousands of volunteers cleaned Phnom Penh on April 23rd (Apr 28)

Thousands of volunteers gathered at Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium on a very early morning on Saturday, April 23rd, armed with green t-shirts, masks, gloves, water and tongs.

They were all there for one reason: to clean up Phnom Penh and raise awareness to its entire population on environmental issues. There were opening addresses by Chy Sila (JCI Cambodia president), Lauri Lahi (AIESEC Cambodia president), Kep Chutima (Phnom Penh mayor), His Excellency Khieu Kanharith (Minister of Information), and sponsors (SMART mobile).

One of the organizers, Indre Sabaliunaite shares: "We just had our clean up day this past Saturday, which was a major success - we gathered around 2,400 volunteers!  The morning begun with speeches from the city mayor and the Minister of Information. The energy of the crowd was unparalleled - everyone was eager to go out and clean the city!"

After the opening ceremony, the volunteers were taken in buses and dropped off in six main cleaning zones around the city (followed by CINTRI trucks, the garbage company in Phnom Penh). After cleaning for two hours the volunteers came back to the stadium well-accomplished and shared their stories.

Throughout the clean-up there were a lot of community members who joined. In the evening the volunteers came back to the stadium for a thank-you concert. The event was organized by JCI Cambodia and AIESEC Cambodia and is well-supported by the government. There are full plans to do it again next year.