Let's do it! Conference in Tallinn this weekend (Jan 21)

This weekend, on 23rd and 24th on January, more than 40 people from seven different countries will meet to share experiences and work out new solutions for national clean-up actions. 

Let's do it! Conference will take place on 23rd and 24th of January in Tallinn. More than 40 people from Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland are meeting in Tallinn.

The conference will be built around 8 thematic workshops, based on experiences gained through civic clean-up actions organized already in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The workshops will be concentrating on condensing the existing knowledge and working out flexible solutions for the new countries and organizers. Inspired by the Let's do it! country-wide clean-up action three different countries are having their first nation-wide clean-up day this year - Romania, Portugal and Slovenia.  

The knowledge will be condensed into a virtual country clean-up manual becoming awailable on the same website in following months.

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From Straight Times (Singapore)
The 'Let's Do It' operation is the brainchild of campaigners in Estonia, a small Baltic state which is a hub for nature-lovers and one of the world's most Internet-wired nations.

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