Project Limpar Portugal wins Green Project Award (Nov 12)

Francisco Moura from Limpar Portugal team is sharing good news - they won Green Project Award for their work in organizing the clean-up in Portugal.

"It's my plesure to inform you that "Limpar Portugal" has just won 1st prize in the category of Communication in the portuguese  Green Project Awards. I guess the jury was touched by the fact that a bunch of motivated people who organized themselves solely in the internet and accepted no money at all managed to put 100.000 volunteers picking garbage on a very rainy day. It certainly is a good example of effective communication. The award was given by the minister of the environment herself.

This is "our" project, all of us here at letsdoitworld. The award is also for you, guys, everyone who supported us and showed how you had done or were considering doing in your countries (no to mention the "conference" in Tallinn, the sense of "doing the right thing", the new friends, the party...). This one is over, now we got to get ready for 2012 World Cleanup."

Limpar Portugal brought together 110 000 people all over the country to clean-up the beaches and forests of illegally dumped waste. As Francisco wrote after the clean-up in Portugal: 

"I have come to realise that the Cleanup in Portugal was also a way of reminding the leaders that we care, a lot of us. What we all are saying by the hundreds of thousands, hopefully by the millions before the end of the year, is that the environment is very dear to us and whoever represents us should make it a (inter)national priority. We are not just talking about picking up some garbage to make it look nicer, right? We are also contributing to a global democry and that's why we really need to take Letsdoitworld to the backyard of the policy makers before the next "Copenhagen" meeting. We need you, Latvia, Romenia, India, Brasil, Mexico... and USA, China, Russia... we need you all to do something about the current age of stupid."

Great work Francisco and all the good people in the organizing team!