Regional conference in India coming soon (Feb 24)

From all countries in the world India seems to be the last one for clean-up initiatives, but by thinking so, you are doing a big mistake. People leading Let's do it! initiatives in New Delhi and other regions in India, have done it already and engaged altogether 50 000 volunteers in the cleanups during last year. Now it`s time to share the experience and invite active people to join in from other areas and countries in the region.

In the picture: Volunteers in one of the cleanups in New Delhi, organized by Let's do it! Delhi team

The Let's do it! conference for Indian regions and neighbouring countries will take place on 1-3 April in New Delhi, India. The program will start on 1th of April in the evening with getting-to-know event, continue with an introduction on Saturday and workshops on Saturday and Sunday.

On 2nd of April we will introduce the Let`s Do It! World Clean Up 2012, and the Indian team will share their experiences how to get started, how they motivated people, how they managed to find co-thinkers and fundings. ’

The global team will introduce the new garbage map as a tool and 11 steps method for preparing for the cleanup. Afternoon will continue with the workshops, ending on Sunday, 3th of April. The workshops will take place on the following topics:

- Communication & media
- Teambuilding and leadership
- Garbage logistics
- Clean-up-day organization
- Volunteer management
- Finances &partners
- How to get government involved

The organizers are welcoming especially participants from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, but of course all the other countries are very welcome as well! The conference is free for all the participants and they all will recieve tools for starting the clean-up process in their countries.

For information and registration, please contact:

Kaia-Kaire Hunt
GSM +372 56 600 295