Ukrainian team is reflecting back and looking ahead (Nov 12)

Team working on the Ukrainian Let's Do It! clean-up action is looking back at the last clean-up which took place on 25th of September in Kyiv and is making already bigger plans for the future. In their own words..

We’ve made Kyiv cleaner! Results of September 25 action

September 25, 2010 was the final action of “Let’s cleanup Kyiv 2″ the second project of public initiative «Let’s Do It, Ukraine!».
On this day conscious citizens of Kiev were doing the cleanup simultaneously in 20 parks and green zones. The registration of teams of activists began at 11:00 at the same time in all parks. After the registration and instruction citizens began to gather the garbage. The cleanup ended at 14:00 in most of the parks. After the work people actively discussed the event, participated in creative ecological activities and shared a friendly lunch.
683 activists collected 140 cubic meters of debris and made their hometown much cleaner. The garbage was packed in 1552 bags. Plastic, aluminum and glass were separated from the other debris and these bags were forwarded to the recycling companies. The companies, usually being competitors of each other, now worked together to collect and export the waste.

It is important to note that this time the project was actively supported by staff of several companies and organizations. They organised themselves and went on cleaning like solid teams lead by their directors.

Comparing to the first project “Let’s cleanup Kyiv!” completed in June the second one was much more effective:

The number of participants increased by 30% – to 680 people
The number of garbage exported increased by 33% – to about 1550 bags of trash
Future plans

The members of the initiative «Let’s Do It, Ukraine!» are planning to develop it in two ways:

Local projects. The direction involves the creation of a number of local initiatives, including:
Mapping of the garbage using the mash-up and it’s collection on concrete littered areas. This project will eliminate a number of dumps and clean the picturesque places within Kyiv area.
Install trash-cans in the parks. The more boxes installed the less quantity of litter will be lying on the ground. This is the proved way to create clean and nice areas.
Improvement of parks’ infrastructure: installation of benches, planting trees, perhaps even marking walkways. The more territory arranged the less people litter and the lower crime rate is. This is truly confirmed by the experience of New York and it’s “Broken windows theory”.
Promoting the idea of gathering of materials that could be recycled. Nowadays in Ukraine thousands of tonnes of wasted paper, glass and plastic go straightly to the dumps. Others are burned. This process adds emissions to the atmosphere and turns the raw materials into useless slag. Resources that can be used many times!
National project. It is planned to do the nationwide cleaning called “Зробимо Україну чистою!”on the 16th of April 2011.
The first phase of the project is to gather an effective project core-team.
We think that Ukrainian National project “Let’s cleanup Ukraine!” is a very serious challenge for us. But we look forward to take this challenge and make Ukraine clean!