Welcome to the family, Kosova! (Aug 12)

A new team has started a cleanup action in Kosova. Right now they are in the very beginning and Arian Krasniqi, who is responsible for Communication and PR, shares with us their progress.

"Till now we have worked informally, brainstorming what can we do and how can we do it. But from now we have our team ready; each of us with certain responsibilities. And the best part of it is; replying to Let's Do It World - one of my first tasks as PR & Communications." 

The team has their website in construction right now, but you can visit their Facebook page which is already up and running - Let's do it Kosova 2012.

Arian says: "The whole concept is being put on the paper; in the same time comparing it with countries who have already done it, like for example Estonia and Slovenia, since two team members have attended the  Regional Conference "Let's Clean the Balkans in One Day in April this year. Also a professional team is dealing with the logo design.
We are on the way, doing things. We really count on you and your experience to help."

Good luck for the team and we'll keep you posted on their progress!