World Cleanup 2012 (Feb 24)

How does your dream world look like - all green and clean, blooming and beautiful? Now it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. We are calling people from all parts of the world to join in for the World Cleanup 2012. Initiate a cleanup in your home country or help us spread the word to your people and let's make this planet clean and beautiful again. 

One day cleanup model

The model which has already proven to be successful in many different countries is simple and it needs only 2 things to make it work – first, you need one country, troubled with illegal dumping; second, you need concerned people who decide to do something about it. From there on, it’s just three simple steps: 
1. Mapping of the garbage – creating a country garbage map to know exactly how much garbage, what kind of garbage and where it is located.
2. Public communication - inviting the whole society to cooperate, in the mapping, in the preparations and in the cleanup.
3. One day to come together and clean it all up!

The regional World Cleanup 2012 gatherings and conferences will be organized all over the world in 2011 and the focus is to share the existing experience and encourage new teams to start a cleanup in their home country. See the time schedule:

1. India, New Delhi, April 1-3
2. Balkan, Slovenia, April 15-17
3. South & Central Africa, Congo, May 11-13
4. South Europe, Spain, June
5. North Europe, Sweden, June
6. South America, Brazil, June or July
7. East Africa, Kenya, July
8. West Europe, France, November
9. North America, Washington DC, May 23rd
10. China, Beijing, September-October
11. Australia, Sidney, September
12. South-East Asia, Malaysia, October
13. Russia, Moscow, October
14. North Africa, Morocco, November
15. West Africa, Senegal, November
16. Central America, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Guatemala, November
17. Middle East, United Arab Emirates, December
18. Central & Eastern Europe, Estonia, December - January
19. South America, Chile, July

For 1-3 days we will invite together people and organizations from the region who are interested in organizing a cleanup in their country. The existing cleanup experience will be shared through videos, talks and workshops at the spot so that the new teams can form and start creating their plans right away.

We are just starting, so here is your chance to join in – 
by helping us to organize a regional get-together in your country;
or forming a cleanup team in your country for 2012 World Cleanup.

How can you get things moving in your country?

1) First way is to invite together interested people from your country and neighbouring countries, to introduce the idea and find people who are able and willing to act. It would be a 1-2 days meeting in your chosen location and we are happy to come there, introduce the idea, share the knowhow, tools and IT-system suitable for the action. You just have to organize the facilities and help us find the right people to invite.

2) Second way is the most direct way - to start up a cleanup team to clean-up your country. We would provide you with the IT-tools, knowhow and any advice you need along the way. Also you would be entering our international community of clean-up leaders who are transforming together this planet in the World Cleanup 2012.

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